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Jinan Power Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. 2018-12-30

Shandong Jinan Power Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. (JPEF) is located in Jinan High - tech Development Zone. It is a state-owned large-scale motor manufacturing enterprise mainly producing turbo generators, integrating scientific research and development, production and manufacturing, operation and sales as well as other kinds of operations. Its leading products are domestic QF series air-cooled turbo generators and WX series air-cooled turbo generators imported from Alstom ( formerly ABB ) with a single unit capacity of 350 MW, and it has a national scientific research and development center.
Since its establishment in 1958, more than 5,000 turbo generators of various specifications have been put into the domestic and international markets, accounting for about 40 % of the installed turbo generators in China. Among them, 3MW turbo generators have won the highest silver award in the national generator industry, and 1.5 MW and 6MW turbo generators have won the title of top-quality products and have maintained the national top-quality products. WX18Z - 054 (047) 60MW turbo generator won the second prize of national science and technology progress. WX21Z - 073 LLT 135 MW and WX23Z - 109 LL 220 MW turbo generator have been awarded the honorary title of national key new products by four ministries and commissions. Qilu turbo generator have won the title of Shandong famous brand for 14 consecutive years. It is one of the top 500 enterprise in the Chinese machinery industry, a class A enterprise in the customs of the People's Republic of China and a national enterprise technology center.

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