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Harbin Turbine Company Limited 2018-12-30

Harbin Turbine Company Limited is located on the " Three Power Roads" in Harbin. Harbin Turbine Company Limited which has a glorious history of half a century, has developed into a national key large-scale backbone enterprise focusing on the design and manufacture of large thermal power turbines, marine turbines and heavy gas turbines.

  On November 14, 2016, haac inspection and certification team arrived at GOINE headquarters of guoyuan electric power co., ltd. in shijiazhuang, hebei province, and started a 4-day comprehensive inspection and audit of guoyuan company on cooperation between the two sides.

  After ALSTOM, nac, mann, SIEMENS SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, GE, and other global steam turbine authoritative manufacturers, guoyuan and Harbin steam turbine reached a high degree of consensus on the cooperation in the field of steam turbine, and the multi-directional strategic cooperation started.

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