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France AIR LIQUIDE 2018-12-30

AIR LIQUIDE entered China in 1916. After nearly a decade of accelerated business development, it now has nearly 90 factories in China, spread over more than 40 cities and has about 4500 employees. Its main business scope in China includes the operation of industrial and medical gases and the engineering and technical business carried out by the global engineering and technical business unit. The company's business covered important coastal industrial areas in China and continues to expand to the central, southern and Western regions.

  AIR LIQUIDE pursues profitable growth and sustainable long-term development by creating outstanding performance and fulfilling its responsibilities, and maintains a leading position in China's industry. Relying on investment, outstanding performance, innovation and networking organization, the company focuses on energy, environment, high technology and health care to meet challenges and create new market opportunities.

AIR LIQUIDE of France conducted a quality inspection on our company on April 28, 2016.

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