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South Korea DOOSAN 2018-12-30

DOOSAN Group of South Korea is one of the largest consortiums in South Korea, and is a world-renowned and competitive multinational company. The company was found in 1896 and with a history of 109 years development. It is one of the earliest modern enterprise in South Korea. DOOSAN Group has more than 20 subsidiaries, such as DOOSAN Infracore, DOOSAN Heavy Industry, DOOSAN Engine and DOOSAN Industries Development, and operates in 38 countries.
  DOOSAN Group of South Korea is one of the largest consortia in South Korea, and its business covers heavy industry, service industry, consumer goods and other fields. DOOSAN's rapid adaptability to the world economic environment has made it a leader in different industries, with world-class quality and technology from the most advanced technology to fast-moving consumer goods. For example, it has the world's No. 1 desalination plant; Doosan heavy industries & construction co., ltd.; The world's No. 1 social infrastructure; Doosan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.; Doosan engine co., ltd.; the world's second largest marine engine, etc.

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