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ALSTOM will implement the same standards consistent with its other factories in the world in the joint venture of BEIZHONG ALSTOM(Beijing) Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. ALSTOM's relevant business companies in German and Switzerland are responsible for providing technical support to the joint ventures. The workshop layout and equipment selection of the joint ventures will be completed by ALSTOM German. ALSTOM promised to introduce its most advanced technology, manufacturing process and management system to the joint venture.
  BEIZHONG ALSTOM (Beijing) Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by ALSTOM China Investment Co., Ltd.(holding 60%) and Beijing Heavy Machinery Factory(holding 40%) in December 2004. The registered capital is 29.9 million US dollars, with a total investment of 86 million US dollars. Now the additional registered capital has been increased to 847.46735 million yuan, the total amount of investment to 1.411779 billion yuan. ALSTOM shares accounted for 88.32% and BEIZHONG shares 11.68%. The total construction area of the joint venture is about 35000 square meters( of which about 25000 square meters are large factory buildings ). We manufacture, debug and sell 600MW or above supercritical, ultra-supercritical air-cooled or wet-cooled large turbine generators sets.

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