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GE 2018-12-30

GE is the leading electrical equipment manufacturer in the United States, with 340000 employees (240000 domestic employees), total sales of $28 billion in 1984 and a net profit of $2.1 billion. Among them, Power System Sector employs 85,000 people, accounting for 25 % of the company's total employees, with sales of nearly 8 billion US dollars in 84 years, accounting for 28 % of the company's sales. The group has a number of divisions, departments under the divisions, and a main factory under the department, some departments also have a branch factory in addition to the main factory, with a total of 45 factories. The group's steam turbine and gas turbine production departments alone have large steam turbines, medium steam turbines and driving steam turbines, as well as two gas turbine departments. Each of the five departments has a division of labor and cooperation with each other.
  GE Power Generation Group provides customers with a full range of power generation, energy transmission and water treatment technologies to help them solve the challenges they face. The group operates in various sectors of the energy industry: including renewable sources such as wind energy and solar energy, biomass gas as an alternative fuel, and coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy.
  On July 11, 2016, the Global quality Director of GEXPRO came to GOINE for certification. It was the second time that the GE come to visit our company.

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