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Steam turbine operation diagnosis 2019-06-21

Industry status:

As the core equipment of power generation enterprise, the performance of steam turbine is directly related to the benefit of power generation enterprise. At the same time, safety hazards emerge in endlessly, which seriously restricts the operation stability of power generation enterprises.
Although the steam turbine equipment in the manufacturing process, there are strict quality control. After the factory runs the debugging, will also pass through the performance test evaluation. However, after many years of operation, especially when the operation condition deviates from the design state for a long time, the unit output attenuation, performance deterioration, equipment aging and safety problems occur from time to time. Better nip in the bud than mend.
Guoyuan electric's steam turbine diagnosis project can carry out comprehensive evaluation of the steam turbine system in a short time, and after the evaluation, put forward targeted technical reform plan, in the shortest time, with the minimum cost to solve the short-term operation problems, predict the medium-term hidden dangers, and improve the long-term performance.

Steam turbine operation diagnosis:

Through the data collection in the steam turbine operation, the observation and study of the phenomenon in the operation field, and the analysis of the historical data, the current operating condition of the steam turbine is diagnosed. The results of the diagnosis will be used to improve the safety of the unit and eliminate potential safety hazards. Improve unit performance and tap unit potential; Optimize unit rationality, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Diagnostic process:

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